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4 Tips On Blending Hair Extension With Short Hair

Hair extension adds volume, highlight, and most importantly, length to the hair. However, what’s the fate of extremely short hairs?

This article discusses the 4 key rules of blending hair extension with short hair. Here we go;

1. Get a thicker hair or buy an extra second extension

Regardless of your hair type, either thin or thick, your short hair needs more hair for full coverage.
If you’re opting for multiple sets of clip-in hair, keep the other hair shorter for better layering.

If your hair doesn’t grow past the middle neck, one extension set of 18-20 inches and another of 14 inches are fine. However, size could vary depending on personal preference with length.

In a nutshell, more hair extension equals better results.

Going forward, you don’t want to overlook the next rule. Your dream of a natural blend coming to fruition depends on it.

2. Style your hair with extension

Ever tried curling your hair, and then your extension, and then clip them both?

Most of us do this with our styled hair that needs restyling.

You need to style your hair and extension together so you don’t end up with chopped hair.
Do this by simply sectioning your hair from the bottom and work your way up.

3. Understand the processes of layering your hair extensions

You can do this in many ways. First off, make sure the clip-ins are distributed evenly.
Many times, I’ve seen instances whereby the extensions surround only the back areas of the hair or are scanty at the bottom and on the sides or too high on the crown.

Tease toward the hair parting and add clip-in close to the top. Doing this will hide the straight cut of your hair.

If your hair extension does not support the use of scissors , then it’s best to buy the second pair, as stated earlier.

Then have the extension mixed up in your hair to give a natural blend for a properly layered hair.

Portrait of a girl or womansitting on chair and make hair extension

4 – smoothen your hair with hair serum or argan oil

You need a smoothening agent because the ends of your short hair might stick out, especially those with split ends.

Smoothening agents like hair serum will blend your hair strand with the long locks. Avoid using products that can get into your root as they give the hair a greasy look. Start brushing from the mid shaft all the way to the roots.

These are a few ways to blend your hair extension with short hair. The process varies depending on your hair type or the style you want to apply. So it’s possible to have a short hair properly blended with extension.

We hope you’ve learned about the amount of extension needed, method of layering, why you should style together, and the smoothing effect of a gloss. Following these four rules can help you achieve a natural hair blend.

With these methods, no movement or lighting will reveal that you have extensions on your hair.

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Hair Texturizing Services – Everything you should know about texturizers

Hair texturizers have proven to be a reliable way of achieving frizz-free curls.

Understanding the reaction between sodium hydroxide and the protein bonds present in the hair is one of the key rules of choosing the best texturizers. 

In addition, being able to differentiate between the function of a texturizer from a relaxer can guide you when choosing the perfect texturizer for your hair.

Regardless of what brand you intend to purchase, be sure to choose a conditioning ingredient formulated to properly preserve your hair’s health.

Quick tip- only go for hair texturizer that comes with neutralizing shampoo.

What’s a texturizer?

A texturizer smoothens and de-frizzes the hair while maintaining the natural features, unlike the relaxer that only straightens the hair.

A texturizer is best described as a flash relaxer.

Unlike relaxers that are left to stay on the hair for as long as 20 minutes, texturizers stay for only 5 minutes. 


Texturizers slightly loosen the hair curl as opposed to straightening them. And because they don’t stay long on the hair, they pose no damage.

However, the result varies from hair to hair. The perfect outcome of a texturizer is unpredictable.

The golden rule of thumb is to use the texturization service of a professional stylist who knows what they’re doing.

Pro tip- start with a consultation to have a clue of what to expect with their texturizing service.



Are texturizers a better option than relaxers?

While many people believe that texturizers are a more natural option for relaxers, their chemical compositions are nearly the same.

Both are made with sodium hydroxides and calcium that restructures the hair bond.

Once a texturizer comes in contact with the hair,  it changes the amino bond structures of each strand, making it unnatural.

Keep in mind: although a relaxer straightens the hair and the texturizer changes the hair curl pattern, both offer a permanent treatment.

Cutting the hair or waiting for it to outgrow the texturizer is the only way to remove it.

Are texturizers damaging to the hair?

The truth is that no matter how stronger or healthy your hair is, there’s always a chance that it’d be affected by chemicals.
However, texturizers don’t stay enough on the hair to cause damage.

If the hairstylist does perfect texturing, meaning if you get deep-conditioning texturing and the right product is used, you’ll avoid any damage.

But expect a little dry and thirsty hair after texturizing. 

Here’s the thing; texturing is permanent. When you’re tired of it, you may have to wait till your hair outgrow the texture or cut off the entire hair.

If you’re loving the result, always touch up the texturizer every 8-10 weeks using the service of a professional stylist.

In about 2 months, your hair growth should be ready for another hair texture treatment. Some people take up to 3 months, depending on hair texture.

Hair texturizers are a reliable way of achieving frizz-free curls. Using the texturizing services of a professional stylist can help you get a better result.


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Deva style for Curly hair in Upper west side, New York

The majority of New York residents with curly, wavy, or natural hair have a special phobia for a haircut. No thanks to the horrifying stories of how some women met with the worst haircut of their lives, especially when the hair is handled by unprofessional and inexperienced stylists that worsen the hair condition.

With curly hair, results are not typical. The hair is different from everyday hair. Once a stylist makes the mistake of applying the same cutting strategy of straight hair on curly hair, the result is uneven, chopped off, and unnatural hair.

Cutting wet curly hair is a bad idea because it can become difficult for your stylist to know where it falls to, which could prevent you from achieving your desired hair shape.

So what’s Deva cut?
Forget about everything you’ve been told about traditional curly cuts. Deva cut is the new normal in New York. Many girls with curly hair embrace this cutting style since they were able to get excellent results from the cut.

The primary feature of this style lies in having the hair cut when dry. This way, the stylist can understand how the textures fall naturally and to sculpt the needed shape.

Stylists perform Deva cut curl by curl and layer by layer. Another benefit is that you can alter how your stylist works while engaging in the sculpting process.

scruples curl creme

What are the steps to take before getting a Deva cut?

Before you book your next salon appointment, have a look at these tips for the best results.

Wash your hair with conditioner

Dry Your hair without using external products to maintain a natural soft curl.

Avoid making any buns, braids, or ponytails before the appointment.

Your stylists will be happy to see your hair defined, natural, and detangled.

Remember that Deva cuts only support hair that is naturally curly every time.

Taking care of your hair after getting a hàircut

Before you purchase a deva hair product, you need to understand your hair curl. Professional stylist, Andre Walker has categorized hair curls into different types, and into length, volume, consistency, and density.

They include:

1 – straight hair

2 – wavy hair

3 – curly hair

4 – kinky hair

Let’s discuss the features of each curl type (escort the first type which is quite obvious)

Curl Type 2
Curl type 2 is the wavy hair. Girls with this type of hair are pretty lucky. They could easily go for the curly or straight styling option.

Their hair is not too dry or oily. Although the hair type is usually prone to frizz, they are still shiny and elastic.

Curl Type 3
Curl type 3 features the spiral curls which usually have the “s” or “z” pattern. But, girls with this hair type are usually a victim of dryness, froze, breakage, and tangles. Plus, they don’t shine, unlike Type 1 and Type 2 because the surface isn’t as smooth as those.

Curl Type 4
Curl type 4 hair is kinky and may look robust and coarse, however, they are usually more fragile which zigzag pattern.

This curl type requires constant hydration and protection. Also, curl type 4 is the most common hair type among African-American women.

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4 Tips For Maintaining Beautiful Hair – Advice From A New York City Salon Expert

So you’ve spent big bucks in a salon on your hair. Your hair looks beautiful. Gorgeous. Classy. 

On top of that, you don’t need to brush them for a few days because the beauty stays evergreen. Then, a few days end. You decided to wash it.

Pumpkins start showing up, but you don’t have the time to visit a stylist, or you feel it’s too early to have your hair worked on. What if you could work some magic on your hair to maintain it till your next visit to a New York City salon?

Here are 4 ways to maintain beautiful hair before the next visit to the stylist. 

Shampoos and conditioners are great beauty investments

Would you invest a lot of money in a car only to have it filled with water, instead of petrol?

The same applies to your hair. You don’t want to spend a lot of money at the salon styling your hair to the perfect look only to use low-quality shampoos. Invest in expensive, high-quality shampoo. Your hair will thank you enough. 

The right brush can help 

What if I tell you that brushes aren’t created equally? Some with top-notch quality. Some just there. Determine your hair type and what you’re looking to achieve with your hair. Here are a few hints about hair types. 

Use a Large round barrel brush when looking to promote full blowout. 

Use a Small round barrel brush for your smooth, short hair. 

Use a wide paddle brush to keep your long hair straight. 

Wash your hair, but not every day 

It’s essential to wash your hair, but not every day. It typically takes days for your hair to chunk off oils (which may irritate the hair). However, not everyone can do away with not washing the hair daily. Understandable. Dry shampoos, ponytails, updos, and braids can come to the rescue. Give them a try! 

A great blowout takes some time 

The truth is, great blowouts don’t happen overnight. It takes time. And dedication. Instead of expecting some magic blowout of your hair, why not spare some extra three times every week on a proper blowout? Check out these easy steps : 

Coat wet hair with a thickening or straightening product 

Segment your hair into sections. Hold them, preferably with clips. That way, you can turn to each section easily. 

Before you use your brush, use your finger to fry your hair. Then you can continue with a brush before drying them out using a dryer.

Brush your hair downward (use a round barrel brush)

Have your style locked in by cooling your hair after the dry session. 


There are a ton of hair care products everywhere. If you love the beauty of your hair and you’d love to maintain this look, you can ask your stylist about the list of products used on your hair. Remember, there’s also no crime in playing around with different products.

For more information about your hair, or if you’re looking for a New York City salon Expert, you can visit us at salon west NYC. 

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Milbon Hair Products

Clients want beautiful, sparkling hair. Milbon, a top-of-the-line hair brand, believes that the right hair treatment products are the answer. 

The brand has been around since 1965, helping women achieve their hair beauty goals by providing top-notch product collection for stylists to use. 

Milbon combines scientific knowledge and stylists’ expertise to provide stylists with everything they need to transform any hair into a lovely, beautiful sight to behold, regardless of its texture. 

Milbon has a signature line, segmented into six categories, which caters to tackle all hair problems. 

Milbon hair products

They include the:

  • Signature 
  • Perm system
  • Age proof collection
  • Straightening 
  • Semipermanent color 
  • Smoothing treatment 

Milbon believes in testing. The brand team up with different stylists to test and create a hair solution that is innovative and scientific. 

By partnering with world-class stylists, Milbon created working techniques and treatment that customers appreciate today. 

Here’s the breakdown of a few of Milbon’s categories;


Milbon Signature

The signature line stands out because the brand tagged their conditioners as ‘treatments.

This line of hair treatment restores and improves hair quality upon consistent use. Milbon’s primary focus is on backbar services, also called treatments, which allow the client to know the treatment products used at the backbar and what should be taken home to maintain a similar result. 

The four-step conditioning repairs and strengthens the hair, finished with Restorative Blowout Primer. 


The Anti-frizz line removes frizz and defines curls with its three-stage conditioning treatment. Their tutorial takes you through the professional treatment procedure, and in the end, you can do the same, more correctly. 


Milbon’s volume is all about at-home care. This treatment and shampoo restores hair quickly and effectively, finished with SSVR-silk, a Milbon complex that dives deeper into the hair and resolves issues of unhealthy hair. 


The soft, silky texture of this deep conditioning treatment ensures that your hair comes out glowing and healthy. The three-step treatment is similar to other collections. The only difference is in the two oil choices, with one dedicated to fine hair and the other to coarse hair. 


People with dry, dull hair will love the five-steps deep conditioning treatment of this collection. 

It specially caters to people whose hair had gone through frequent color services. Clients are allowed to take step 6 home to use for 30 days’ results. 


Over 700 women from all over the world were sampled before Milbon created this collection. They discovered that most scalp related problems such as hair dryers, dandruff, odor, and dryness occur in hairs with excess fatty acids in the sebum. This treatment eliminates extra fatty acids from the scalp to resolve these issues. 

Milbon’s Creative Style

Coupled with Milbon’s signature treatment, the brand also stocks up stylish products such as hairspray, Wet Shine Gel Cream, and Dry Texturizing spray. 


Their Plarmia collection combines innovative technologies with botanical extracts to help hair stay soft, glowing, and fresh looking. 

Customers love how Milbon’s professional product collections have helped bring back life to their hair. Shop different collections of Milbon hair with us, today. 


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7 Reasons To Color Your Hair With Scruples

If you regularly color your hair, maybe now is the time to amp up your look with new shades – and unique quality.

It’s time to give the scruples a try. No, we are not talking of bleaching your hair with the regular peroxide-containing ingredients.

We mean using new-age scruples that keeps your hair fit, dyed, and glow. Scruples are a healthy way to color the hair. Here are seven reasons beauty experts recommend scruples for strongly dyed and shining hair.

Supports Your natural or dyed hair

We’ve, on countless occasions, been warned about how risky hair dying can be.

However (thankfully), new technology has evolved, and the risk involved with hair dyes have faded away. More thanks to scruples. Scruples sealed down the cuticles to keep the hair healthy, smooth, and without the need for spray.

scruples curl defining creme

scruples curl defining creme

Fits into seasonal hair color trends

Scruples go in tandem with any trendy hair color. So you can easily recreate any look you fancy on your hair.

For instance, most people prefer to keep a lightened hair color during the summer and a little dark shade in winter. Lots of scruples out there support the switch.

Whether you flow with the hair fashion tide or love to switch shades, scruples are right up your alley.

scruples curl creme

It shields the ‘grey’

I get it: older women can do just about anything to cover the ‘grey’ part of their hair. It sucks to age, especially when the hair tends to turn grey.


If you want to escape the most-obvious aging sign, scruples can be a saver. They’ll sure mask out the grey in your hair.

Enjoy better texture

Your missing or limped hair can come back to life again.

And, it doesn’t matter whether your hair is missing volume or the glow doesn’t look impressive enough, scruples can revive your hair for better shine.

They consist of thickening agents that give the extra volume needed to achieve a thick hair.



When you get a new haircut

When you get a haircut, you might want to get a new color. Here, scruples come in handy. For example, a nice pixie haircut will do fashionably well with a styled blonde look. So if you’re prepping for a new hair cut, getting a bold hair dye will fire up your overall beauty cut.

Your skin tone needs an even match

Sometimes, your skin tone does not compliment your hair color. And trust me, it feels so incomplete having two different colors in the skin and the hair. That’s a good reason to balance the hair color (since that’s what can be changed easily)

The need to recharge, sometimes

Regardless of how long it takes or what coloration you used in the past, your hair will eventually fade and become less vivacious. Your hair color loses its tone, and you should refresh them.

Ultimately, you can visit salonwestNYC for different types of hair coloring services. Visit the coloring service page to choose your favorite package.

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Best Hair Salon New York City For Hair And Beauty – How To Find An Expert

Moving can be a hellish experience. The stress of packing your life in boxes, tucking in the cat in a carrier, and even leaving behind some stuff because ‘there’s no space.’

Such an experience can be devastating. But not as devastating as trying to find the best hair salon for hair and beauty, especially in places like New York, or worse still, if you’re picky. 

I’ve spent two different days of my last six months moving my life, so I know how (horrible) it can feel trying to keep a hair looking dope while adapting to the new environment – a new life. 

That said, here’s how to make the most from a professional hair salon in New York. 

Get every detail from your stylist.

If your current look excites you and you would love to maintain it, follow this step. Write down all the processes your stylist went through to make your hair. If you have a good rapport with your stylist, ask her/him to send the details to you via text or email.

My stylist at salon west whipped up a personalized color for me and shared the color and gloss used. 

If your stylist is doing something special, ask them to share the ‘special formulas’ with you. 

I usually keep them in handy in a text file on my phone, so even if I try a new salon, I already know what to present. Less time, less worry! 

Come with photos 

Sounds obvious, right? But it’s still something to talk about. If you can’t even remember the last time you style your hair, you might want to bring a photo of your previous hairstyle (always snap after coiffing your hair to the gods). 

Talk about how you’d like the stylist to handle your hair. If not, they may just do what they want, which can be horrible for you. 

Trust your instinct

Talent is not the only thing you look out for in a stylist. Do you vibe together? Are you comfortable airing your opinion with him/her? If you speak up but felt like your stylist doesn’t listen, their service may come out unsatisfactory for you. 

When you’re visiting a salon for the first time, tell them you’ll like to speak with their stylist (make sure you get there early) 

If both of you don’t seem to connect, or they just rushed to starting your hair without trying to feel the texture, canceling their service will be the right decision. 

Find a professional stylist for your style. 

I’m faux. I always hop on salon websites for the stylist that is an expert at red shades.

I go for stylists who are experts at straight hair cutting (I won’t refer a colleague with curls to this stylist). 

A good salon website has a dedicated page where stylist expertise is listed, so check this page before booking an appointment. Be sure to spot someone who is an expert in your hair type. 

The beauty of a salon is for you to look good. 

Vibe with your stylist, speak with them, and you’ll end up looking like the beauty you are.

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Tips For Healthy And Happy Hair And Scalp

How a man chooses to flaunt his hair is a crucial part of his grooming. There is no denying the fact that the hairstyle you carry has a lot to do with the way you look. From the type of haircut to the length of your hair, the TLC required to ensure your hair looks its best never fails to amaze us. While you may have shortlisted the facial hairstyle that suits your face cut the best and may even have researched about the hairstyles trending this year, do you know what hair care regime you should follow to maintain luscious locks and a healthy scalp? Visit a men’s hair salon in NYC for a hair spa day and while you are on it ask the experts for some professional tips to keep the shine and silkiness of your hair spot on!

We understand, sometimes it gets a little too overwhelming with innumerable hair care products out there. Calm down and read through these awesome tips that are sure to keep your hair healthy and get you some compliments!

● In all probability you would have come across products that claim to have 2-in-1 benefits! Some may think that it is a great idea to opt for an all in one body wash, shampoo, and conditioner but we advise you to reconsider. Investing in a proper hair care regime is much better for your hair in the long run.

● Do not use a shampoo that has a lot of harsh chemicals. The best shampoos are those which gently cleanse your scalp and hair. Such shampoos also contain nourishing ingredients that are good for the strength and thickness of your hair. Be on the lookout for ingredients like amino acids, vitamin E, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

● Many guys develop the habit of applying shampoo each time they get in the shower. Not good for the health of your hair at all! Refrain from using shampoo every day as constant shampooing potentially dries out your hair and scalp. If you have an oily scalp you may shampoo on alternate days.

● Sometimes we just feel lazy and come out of the shower without conditioning after washing our hair. Sorry to break it out guys but shampooing alone doesn’t suffice if you want smooth and shiny hair. Use a conditioner for best results. The product plays an important role in moisturizing your hair in just the right way.

● When it comes to drying our hair, most men simply grab their towel and get rubbing. That is not the right way to do it and often leads to breakage. Gently pat your wet hair instead of roughly rubbing it to avoid unwanted damage to the strands. Also, go easy with the blow dryer as excessive heating is bad for your locks. Ask a professional at any men’s hair salon in NYCand they will advise you to turn down the heat!

If you are looking for a men’s hair salon in NYC with professionals who are nothing but the best at their job, book an appointment with Salon West! We promise you will walk out happy and satisfied.

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The Ultimate Guide To A Frizz-Free Summer

With the summer season gently tapping on your window, it’s time to bring all the flowery dresses, bikinis, and tank tops out of your closet and flaunt ‘em right! But the unforgiving NYC heat and humidity can dampen your plans to look effortlessly cute and hot by wreaking havoc on your hair and making it extremely frizzy.

Thankfully high-end hair salons in NYC, like Salon West, have special treatments for frizzy hair. In addition to this, you can also take steps to ensure that your hair remains shiny, soft and smooth throughout the summer season. This blog lists some of the methods through which you can fight frizz and look fab!

● Bathe with cold water
Your hair is already being exposed to heat outdoors so go easy with the hot showers that you love to take. A hot water bath will leave your hair dry and brittle because it robs your mane of all the natural oils and the moisture. Coldwater on the other hand, will hydrate your scalp and seal in the moisture, thus keeping frizz at bay.

● Give up heat styling
Blow drying and straightening your hair on the highest heat settings will trigger frizz in no time at all. Instead, give your curlers and strengtheners a break and use your dryer on the lowest heat setting to dry your hair.

● Use hydrating shampoo and conditioner
While you should limit shampooing your hair, choosing the right products can go a long way in protecting your hair against sun damage. Select sulfate-free, ultra-hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and serums that are packed with glycerin to bring back the shine. And don’t forget to wear a hat when you venture out!

 Opt for keratin hair treatments
If all the anti-frizz products are failing to do their magic on your hair, then you need to walk up to high-end hair salons in NYC to undo the entire frizz and the damage. This treatment works wonders on people with dry hair roots and ends because the main ingredient itself is keratin – a protective protein that strengthens hair and leaves behind a lasting glossy shine.

● DIY masks
Anti-frizz homemade masks are easy on the pocket and they can turn your hair from frizzy and dull to glam and thick within a few days! You can make some for yourself at home by mixing 2 mashed bananas with one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Not only will this zap out frizz, but it will also strengthen your roots naturally, thus preventing breakage.

At Salon West, we have ultimate treatment plans for dry, rough and frizzy hair so that you can rock the beach during summers! Get in touch with our experts now!

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5 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing

You run fingers through your hair, but the length feels the same as it was a couple of months ago. Now, you’re in deep thought if your natural hair is growing at all? It isn’t an uncommon complaint among women. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a matter of concern. It still is.

Hair never stops growing unless there’s a medical condition behind the cause. But what’s making your strands to not grow long? Undernourishment is the answer. Your hair is growing but not at the expected pace because the ends are breaking off as frequently.

If you believe your hair isn’t growing, in other words, not retaining the length, any of the following reasons could be the culprit.

Lack of Moisture
In comparison to straight hair, curly hair often loses moisture. What is the reason? All twists and bends make it harder for the natural oil to reach the tips. No matter how much you try to keep your scalp moisturized, your hair ends always lack in moisture. So, what should you do? Find an alternative way to keep them moisturized when don’t want to risk more breakage.

Not drinking enough water
Hair strands need moisture inside out. Which means moisturizing hair from outside isn’t enough. Not gulping down the recommended amount of water in a day results in dry and brittle hair. Ultimately, hair split and break.

You have a poor diet
Water alone cannot do the magic you’re expecting. Maintaining a proper nutritious diet is equally important. This means the time to say goodbye to all junk has finally arrived. Add a rainbow to your plate with green, red, and yellow veggies.

Too much heat
Changing hairstyles now and then is what we all love to do. But switching from curls to straight hair takes away the moisture. Too much heat often makes hair extra dry and brittle, especially without a layer of hair protection. Always use a tool with adjustable heat settings and minimize your frequency of blow-drying or curling your hair.

Always overdoing your hair
Over manipulating hair, doesn’t matter if you use comb, brush, or hands, always put unnecessary stress, and makes your hair ends fragile. If you often find yourself, running fingers through your hair unknowingly, wear protective styles like a bun or braid.

One more reason why your hair doesn’t seem to be growing is you haven’t got a trim in a long time. Without further ado, make an appointment with the best curly hair salon in NYC.

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