So you’ve spent big bucks in a salon on your hair. Your hair looks beautiful. Gorgeous. Classy. 

On top of that, you don’t need to brush them for a few days because the beauty stays evergreen. Then, a few days end. You decided to wash it.

Pumpkins start showing up, but you don’t have the time to visit a stylist, or you feel it’s too early to have your hair worked on. What if you could work some magic on your hair to maintain it till your next visit to a New York City salon?

Here are 4 ways to maintain beautiful hair before the next visit to the stylist. 

Shampoos and conditioners are great beauty investments

Would you invest a lot of money in a car only to have it filled with water, instead of petrol?

The same applies to your hair. You don’t want to spend a lot of money at the salon styling your hair to the perfect look only to use low-quality shampoos. Invest in expensive, high-quality shampoo. Your hair will thank you enough. 

The right brush can help 

What if I tell you that brushes aren’t created equally? Some with top-notch quality. Some just there. Determine your hair type and what you’re looking to achieve with your hair. Here are a few hints about hair types. 

Use a Large round barrel brush when looking to promote full blowout. 

Use a Small round barrel brush for your smooth, short hair. 

Use a wide paddle brush to keep your long hair straight. 

Wash your hair, but not every day 

It’s essential to wash your hair, but not every day. It typically takes days for your hair to chunk off oils (which may irritate the hair). However, not everyone can do away with not washing the hair daily. Understandable. Dry shampoos, ponytails, updos, and braids can come to the rescue. Give them a try! 

A great blowout takes some time 

The truth is, great blowouts don’t happen overnight. It takes time. And dedication. Instead of expecting some magic blowout of your hair, why not spare some extra three times every week on a proper blowout? Check out these easy steps : 

Coat wet hair with a thickening or straightening product 

Segment your hair into sections. Hold them, preferably with clips. That way, you can turn to each section easily. 

Before you use your brush, use your finger to fry your hair. Then you can continue with a brush before drying them out using a dryer.

Brush your hair downward (use a round barrel brush)

Have your style locked in by cooling your hair after the dry session. 


There are a ton of hair care products everywhere. If you love the beauty of your hair and you’d love to maintain this look, you can ask your stylist about the list of products used on your hair. Remember, there’s also no crime in playing around with different products.

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