Child Cut : $25-65
For children 12 and under, hair cuts include shampoo and express blow dry.

Bang trim : $10-15
A bang trim comes complimentary to our returning clients. This is a way to maintain your style in between haircut appointments. Walk in bang trims will be charged a fee of $10

Deva Cut : $100-130
The Deva Cut is a special technique for cutting curly, wavy or coyly
hair. This technique is authentically shaped on dry hair so the stylist sees how
each curl will fall and each individual curl is shaped. Includes styling and
coaching session to help you care for your curls at home.

Haircuts : $55-100
Creative, classic or cutting edge cuts can all be achieved at the hands of our skilled experts. Taking into account your face shape, lifestyle and hair texture is our priority during your consultation so that you leave with a manageable, wearable style that is especially suited for you. Making sure your haircut grows out well and is easy to style at home. Get tips on styling and product recommendations to get the best out of your hair after you leave the salon.