Hair extension adds volume, highlight, and most importantly, length to the hair. However, what’s the fate of extremely short hairs?

This article discusses the 4 key rules of blending hair extension with short hair. Here we go;

1. Get a thicker hair or buy an extra second extension

Regardless of your hair type, either thin or thick, your short hair needs more hair for full coverage.
If you’re opting for multiple sets of clip-in hair, keep the other hair shorter for better layering.

If your hair doesn’t grow past the middle neck, one extension set of 18-20 inches and another of 14 inches are fine. However, size could vary depending on personal preference with length.

In a nutshell, more hair extension equals better results.

Going forward, you don’t want to overlook the next rule. Your dream of a natural blend coming to fruition depends on it.

2. Style your hair with extension

Ever tried curling your hair, and then your extension, and then clip them both?

Most of us do this with our styled hair that needs restyling.

You need to style your hair and extension together so you don’t end up with chopped hair.
Do this by simply sectioning your hair from the bottom and work your way up.

3. Understand the processes of layering your hair extensions

You can do this in many ways. First off, make sure the clip-ins are distributed evenly.
Many times, I’ve seen instances whereby the extensions surround only the back areas of the hair or are scanty at the bottom and on the sides or too high on the crown.

Tease toward the hair parting and add clip-in close to the top. Doing this will hide the straight cut of your hair.

If your hair extension does not support the use of scissors , then it’s best to buy the second pair, as stated earlier.

Then have the extension mixed up in your hair to give a natural blend for a properly layered hair.

Portrait of a girl or womansitting on chair and make hair extension

4 – smoothen your hair with hair serum or argan oil

You need a smoothening agent because the ends of your short hair might stick out, especially those with split ends.

Smoothening agents like hair serum will blend your hair strand with the long locks. Avoid using products that can get into your root as they give the hair a greasy look. Start brushing from the mid shaft all the way to the roots.

These are a few ways to blend your hair extension with short hair. The process varies depending on your hair type or the style you want to apply. So it’s possible to have a short hair properly blended with extension.

We hope you’ve learned about the amount of extension needed, method of layering, why you should style together, and the smoothing effect of a gloss. Following these four rules can help you achieve a natural hair blend.

With these methods, no movement or lighting will reveal that you have extensions on your hair.