The majority of New York residents with curly, wavy, or natural hair have a special phobia for a haircut. No thanks to the horrifying stories of how some women met with the worst haircut of their lives, especially when the hair is handled by unprofessional and inexperienced stylists that worsen the hair condition.

With curly hair, results are not typical. The hair is different from everyday hair. Once a stylist makes the mistake of applying the same cutting strategy of straight hair on curly hair, the result is uneven, chopped off, and unnatural hair.

Cutting wet curly hair is a bad idea because it can become difficult for your stylist to know where it falls to, which could prevent you from achieving your desired hair shape.

So what’s Deva cut?
Forget about everything you’ve been told about traditional curly cuts. Deva cut is the new normal in New York. Many girls with curly hair embrace this cutting style since they were able to get excellent results from the cut.

The primary feature of this style lies in having the hair cut when dry. This way, the stylist can understand how the textures fall naturally and to sculpt the needed shape.

Stylists perform Deva cut curl by curl and layer by layer. Another benefit is that you can alter how your stylist works while engaging in the sculpting process.

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What are the steps to take before getting a Deva cut?

Before you book your next salon appointment, have a look at these tips for the best results.

Wash your hair with conditioner

Dry Your hair without using external products to maintain a natural soft curl.

Avoid making any buns, braids, or ponytails before the appointment.

Your stylists will be happy to see your hair defined, natural, and detangled.

Remember that Deva cuts only support hair that is naturally curly every time.

Taking care of your hair after getting a hàircut

Before you purchase a deva hair product, you need to understand your hair curl. Professional stylist, Andre Walker has categorized hair curls into different types, and into length, volume, consistency, and density.

They include:

1 – straight hair

2 – wavy hair

3 – curly hair

4 – kinky hair

Let’s discuss the features of each curl type (escort the first type which is quite obvious)

Curl Type 2
Curl type 2 is the wavy hair. Girls with this type of hair are pretty lucky. They could easily go for the curly or straight styling option.

Their hair is not too dry or oily. Although the hair type is usually prone to frizz, they are still shiny and elastic.

Curl Type 3
Curl type 3 features the spiral curls which usually have the “s” or “z” pattern. But, girls with this hair type are usually a victim of dryness, froze, breakage, and tangles. Plus, they don’t shine, unlike Type 1 and Type 2 because the surface isn’t as smooth as those.

Curl Type 4
Curl type 4 hair is kinky and may look robust and coarse, however, they are usually more fragile which zigzag pattern.

This curl type requires constant hydration and protection. Also, curl type 4 is the most common hair type among African-American women.