Clients want beautiful, sparkling hair. Milbon, a top-of-the-line hair brand, believes that the right hair treatment products are the answer. 

The brand has been around since 1965, helping women achieve their hair beauty goals by providing top-notch product collection for stylists to use. 

Milbon combines scientific knowledge and stylists’ expertise to provide stylists with everything they need to transform any hair into a lovely, beautiful sight to behold, regardless of its texture. 

Milbon has a signature line, segmented into six categories, which caters to tackle all hair problems. 

Milbon hair products

They include the:

  • Signature 
  • Perm system
  • Age proof collection
  • Straightening 
  • Semipermanent color 
  • Smoothing treatment 

Milbon believes in testing. The brand team up with different stylists to test and create a hair solution that is innovative and scientific. 

By partnering with world-class stylists, Milbon created working techniques and treatment that customers appreciate today. 

Here’s the breakdown of a few of Milbon’s categories;


Milbon Signature

The signature line stands out because the brand tagged their conditioners as ‘treatments.

This line of hair treatment restores and improves hair quality upon consistent use. Milbon’s primary focus is on backbar services, also called treatments, which allow the client to know the treatment products used at the backbar and what should be taken home to maintain a similar result. 

The four-step conditioning repairs and strengthens the hair, finished with Restorative Blowout Primer. 


The Anti-frizz line removes frizz and defines curls with its three-stage conditioning treatment. Their tutorial takes you through the professional treatment procedure, and in the end, you can do the same, more correctly. 


Milbon’s volume is all about at-home care. This treatment and shampoo restores hair quickly and effectively, finished with SSVR-silk, a Milbon complex that dives deeper into the hair and resolves issues of unhealthy hair. 


The soft, silky texture of this deep conditioning treatment ensures that your hair comes out glowing and healthy. The three-step treatment is similar to other collections. The only difference is in the two oil choices, with one dedicated to fine hair and the other to coarse hair. 


People with dry, dull hair will love the five-steps deep conditioning treatment of this collection. 

It specially caters to people whose hair had gone through frequent color services. Clients are allowed to take step 6 home to use for 30 days’ results. 


Over 700 women from all over the world were sampled before Milbon created this collection. They discovered that most scalp related problems such as hair dryers, dandruff, odor, and dryness occur in hairs with excess fatty acids in the sebum. This treatment eliminates extra fatty acids from the scalp to resolve these issues. 

Milbon’s Creative Style

Coupled with Milbon’s signature treatment, the brand also stocks up stylish products such as hairspray, Wet Shine Gel Cream, and Dry Texturizing spray. 


Their Plarmia collection combines innovative technologies with botanical extracts to help hair stay soft, glowing, and fresh looking. 

Customers love how Milbon’s professional product collections have helped bring back life to their hair. Shop different collections of Milbon hair with us, today.