Salon west never attained a top spot overnight. Lots of efforts were invested into securing an unbeatable reputation. A good part of the investment went to great employee recruitment and keeping up to date with the latest hairstyle trends.

Nevertheless, it also includes putting a smile on the faces of employees and clients alike. Because of the close competition among salons in New York,  rising to the top was never a walk in the park. Here’s why salon west is rated the best salon in New York.

Every client is a queen
Keeping a happy client goes far beyond providing a satisfactory haircut service. Salon west focuses on every client and treats them like the queen that they are. This alone has earned the salon repeat visits and words of mouth advert from happy customers.

Embraces the latest technology
It’s important to keep up with the latest technology. Unlike most owners operating their salons in an old-fashioned way, saloon west uses software dedicated to salons to turn their business smoothly and effectively. From email marketing to social media promotions, technological utilization has skyrocketed the operation of this New York Salon.

Many clients watch out for the Cleanliness of a salon before deciding to patronize them or become a repeat customer. Dirty bathrooms, unpleasant smells, hair littering the floor, and a disorganized environment are obvious signs of the unprofessionalism of a salon. Salon West has their salon kept under a spotless condition, with neat, alluring stylists. Rough hair and sloppy attire can push customers away from a business.

Excellent communication
One of the prime factors that set salon west aside from other New York saloons is their solid communication with customers. The stylists at salon west have professional communication  skills that include building a great rapport with customers while helping them iron out their issues individually.

Recruiting quality employees
Salon west hires stylists who are skilled and passionate about their business model. Successful employees undergo a strict hiring process that ensures that only the best stylist gets hired. 

Monitor growth trends
The total monthly revenue coming into the business is a numeric indication of their growth trend. Salon west monitors the total number of new clients patronizing the salon and keeps track of the repeat clients. This approach has helped scale the business to success by knowing how much growth effort to put into marketing and revenue generation.

Keeping Employee Happy And Motivated

While it’s important to put enough effort into hiring the best employer, it’s also up to a salon to keep them. Salon west engages all staff and keeps them motivated to put productive efforts into the company’s growth.  There are special reward activities and games that encourage team togetherness.

Salon west being the best salon in New York was backed up with numerous efforts from the brand. If you’re looking for a professional stylist to create a beautiful touch to your hair, get in touch with one of our professional stylish.